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General information

The activity of the Joint-Stock Company

"Institute of Advanced Technologies"

     Ukraine is the state with old cartographical traditions. For many years it has belonged to a number of few countries which are able to produce the cartographical products of high quality. Though, the methods of the cartographical production remained unchanged for many years. So, it was only in the 90-s of the XXth century when the first premises for the implementation of high technologies in this branch of science were found.

       Actually, it is always difficult to break stereotypes, beginning to do something new in the sphere where everything seemed to have been planned in advance. But in 1996 a new Kyiv enterprise appeared in the field of cartography, and managed to challenge the routine methods. That was the Joint Stock Company "Institute of  Advanced Technologies" which was founded  by Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Barladin (T.D.)

       Aiming the increase of the quality level with the use of innovations and the improvement of the cartographical production Institute was not going to ruin the former achievements. So, having covered the long, hard and productive way of the establishment, "Institute of  Advanced Technologies" has reached today the position of the leader among the cartographical enterprises.

        The activity of the Institute was connected with the beginning of the epoch of computing and modern methods of production in Ukrainian cartography. The collaborators of the company combine the artistic approaches and fantasy, they don't fear to use unexpected decisions which result in success.

      In the early age of its foundation the Institute clashed with the problem of promoting the cartographical products to the wide consumers market, since the Ukrainians are used to working without the cartographical achievements which seems weird to the settlers of the West. And it was the "Institute of Advanced Technologies" which with its qualitative and consecutive work provided the fashion for the cartography products.

       Nowadays the managers of different levels more and more often use the modern geoinformational technologies. Day by day they understand their indispensability in copying with economical, ecological and transport problems. The clients of the Institute are the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Committee on Information, the State Committee on Tourism, the State Committee on Standards, Kyiv Municipal State Administration and other leading state institutions.

        In the sphere of geoinformational systems our  Institute provides functioning of the Department on Duty of the Chief Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv,   the Chief Board of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations of Ukraine in Kyiv. In 2002 the inventions of the institute were used during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and in 2005 Institute of  Advanced Technologies worked out the  GIS "Elections", which can be used by different participants of the election process. The navigation system for monitoring the means of transportation using the GPS was developed and patented.

        Thanks to Institute of Advanced Technologies Ukrainian school and university students can use the achievements of the modern science developing their spatial imagination, learning in complex. Institute takes an active part in the process of studies arranging educational and entertaining activities and programs for school students. Institute offers free seminars and courses for teachers and methodologists and implements  the  informational methods in the system of teaching. Charity work with the orphanages and boarding schools is an important part of the company's policy.

         Institute cooperates with high educational establishments, providing the university students with the ability to prepare course and diploma works, arranging the professional practice.

         The main modern trends of the Institute's activity are as follows: cartography and geoinformational technologies in polygraphy, working out  the program products, geoinformational and teaching electronic systems (CD atlases and WEB-aids).

          Institute of Advanced Technologies produces teaching maps and atlases on History and Geography, which are used in all Ukrainian schools and have certain permission of the Ministry of Education and Science.

          There is a vast choice of informational maps and atlases of Ukraine, Europe and the world, some maps and atlases of regions of Ukraine, cities, railways and highways, tourist maps, which are offered to customers.

          The Institute is a leading producer of the office, corporal and exclusive maps of different thematic filling.

          Globes, which are produced on the basis of  the original methods of preparing digital cartographical foundations with the further moulding them from plastic, take a special place in the rich assortment of the institute's production.

          Institute uses modern computer technologies and scientific researches patented in Ukraine.

           The stuff of the company, friendly and harmonious, is a guarantee of the successful work which is coordinated by Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Barladin. The editorial department unites highly qualified editors-cartographers with a considerable experience of work. The best graduates of the geographical faculty of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, National Technical University and other famous high school institutions work in the computing department. is  by Scientific workers from different branches of science and technology, who work both in science and on the methodology of cartography, make up the scientific potential. All of them have numerous publications in special scientific issues.

           In 2001 Institute of Advanced Technologies became the member of the International Cartography Association (IMTA). Since 2003 Institute has been participating in its annual competitions of the cartographical products, and yet in the first of them got the second prize in the nomination "The Best Wall Map of the World". This achievement could happen thanks to the use of modern technologies. Since space shooting was put in the foundation of the depiction of the Earth surface, and the relief of the bottom of the world ocean was produced with a method of a chiaroscuro plastic art, which caused the effect of observing the Earth from the Space. Next year Institute was awarded the second prize in the nomination "The Best Atlas" for the issue of "The Atlas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea".

           But the world conference of 2005, which took place in London became the real break-through of the Ukrainian national cartography. Atlas "Geography of continents and oceans" was awarded the first prize in newly-formed nomination "Digital Cartography". Institute was also awarded with the Cup for the best Cartographical work published in 2004, which is the highest award of the cartographers.


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